Minggu, 13 November 2011

Why replace the turbo engine standard only if the machine could be made 'fierce'

Secret Machines Starno 11 seconds Pull Toyota Starlet 0-100 km / h Top Speed ​​170km / h and still remain economical fuel
Create a starlet lovers, here are ways to increase engine acceleration. These modifications include modifications to the extreme, so called because the modifications would make the machine very fierce, without any dismantling the engine or carburetor. There are no replacement parts or parts carburetor engine, all parts are left standard.

Create a starlet cars that still use carburetors are not secret anymore, carburetor modification is the most favorite objects in a wild race, besides repairing ignition system with larger ones. For the modification of 'sleeper style' (to borrow the term bro fred) is very attractive, why is the cost of modification is very cheap but very dahsyatt engine performance ...
In standard conditions, which adopts a starlet carburetor vacuum secondary on the opening of the throttle. This system has the disadvantage pull the engine is not spontaneous because the new vacuum works when the engine spins at 4000 RPM and above, and even then very slow to open up will greatly affect the acceleration. Another disadvantage is that driven by the vacuum, then the air ductwork that is taken from the secondary venturi hole. Therefore, the pull of the machine tends to be weak and less starlet mengigit.Perhatikan 2 pieces carburetor holes on the photo above. The hole left is a primary valve hole and the hole the right is a secondary valve. Modifications made to the secondary hole to pull more responsive. Modification process no change parts, more importantly, this modification could be restored at standard conditions.

The effect Is There?
Obviously there are dong, any modification must have effect:
- Motorists speeding so hooked because the pull is very light
- The front wheels spin easily on the position of Gear 1 and 2
- Top Speed ​​170km / h easily obtained
- The ability to overtake the car on a ramp (ie peak) increased dramatically

If interested in the modification bro 'sleeper style' is welcome to come alone kebengkel starno. Simply by Rp.250rb is included with the machine setup, make more bro starlet

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