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Like the other big Japanese car manufacturers, Toyota has been a popular candidate for car modification and show car projects. At any show car event you wouldn't just expect to see a modified Toyota Supa but also modified Toyota Carolla and Toyota Aristo cars. These days you can even expect to see a custom Toyota Prius Hybrid or two!

Below are some of the coolest Toyota show cars from around the world...

Toyota Aristo
A red Toyota Aristo at the SEMA Show in 2008
A red Toyota Aristo at the SEMA Show in 2008

For modified cars and tuning cars

This Web site is not just dedicated to building pimped out cars and custom cars, but to building and tuning fast modified street cars and even faster modified race cars. will provide you with all the information and articles about modified cars, car customization and car modifications that you will need to build really fast modified cars for street use or for track racing. Our aim is to help you modify your car and its engine to improve engine performance and handling by providing you with all the information, tips and advice you would need to select the correct high performance auto parts for your car, to install them correctly, and to tune them. It doesn't matter whether your car modification project entails building really cool custom cars, fast modified race cars, cool modified street cars, or even pimped out cars we will provide you with the information you would need.

Information about engine tuning and car modification can become quite technical, but we attempt to bring you this information in plain English. We make the information as easy to understand as possible so that even the novice can learn about car tuning and car modifications, as well as how to increase engine power. We also guide you through engine tuning, performance tuning and car modifications for all makes of cars, including BMW, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and much more, with detailed, step by step tuning and modifying tips. And if you do get stuck with a technical term, there's always our glossary of modified car terms that you can checkup the term. If that doesn't help, you can always send us a message through our feedback form.

We discuss various techniques of car customizing and various car modifications, as well as the different car tuning methods you can use to increase engine power, maximize car performance, and build great modified cars; including:

Engine Tuning

Basic car modifications
Learn about the basics behind car modification and engine tuning. Learn how to increase engine power and build engines for power and reliability.

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder head porting
Learn all about performance camshafts and cylinder head porting. Also learn about valve timing, camshaft timing and how to degree your camshaft.

Nitrous Injection

Nitrous Oxide Systems
Learn how to design wet and dry Nitrous Oxide Systems for your car. Also learn how to install NOS kits to your car and how to test and tune them.


Learn how to select and install the right turbocharger kit for your car. Also learn how to minimize turbo-lag and how best to tune a turbo or twin-turbo car.


Superchargers and blowers
Learn about the different types of superchargers and how to select and install the right type of supercharger that will give you the power you want.

Electronic Fuel Injection

EFI and ECU modification for fast cars
Learn how to maintain, modify and tune electronic fuel injection (EFI), engine control unit (ECU) and engine management systems for the best performance.

Ignition Systems

Performance ignition systems
Learn about the different ignition systems and how to improve and tune your ignition system for turbocharged, supercharged and modified engines.

Air Intake Systems

Performance air filters
Learn how to improve air flow in and out of your engine by eliminating restrictions in the air intake system, and tuning the intake manifold and runners.

Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems
Learn how to design and build performance exhaust systems with the correct primary pipe lengths and diameters for all types of high performance cars.

Suspension Tuning

Suspension tuning
Learn more about your car suspension and how to tune your suspension to be able to get the most out of your engine modifications.

Pimp Your Ride!

Pimped out cars
Learn about ways in which you can modify and customize your car visually to make it look as hot as it goes in our latest section on pimped out cars.

Free Wallpapers

Free modified car and car logo wallpapers has free modified car and car logo wallpapers for your desktop. We also have great modified race car and modified street car wallpapers.

Join our forum!

Custom-car Forums
Join our all new modified and custom car forum where you can discuss your custom car projects, get tips on modifying thecar you have, and much more!

More Car Pictures

Free modified car pictures also brings you free car pictures from the top car shows around the world, including the well known Tokyo Auto Salon and the SEMA show.

Although it does not have a lot to do with engine power and car performance, we do discuss ways in which you can modify and customize the appearance of your car to make it look as hot as it goes in our section on pimped out cars as it has everything to do with customizing cars, custom cars and modified cars! After all, what is the point of having a hot custom car if it looks a dud, unless you want the sleeper look?

We will be updating this Web site and adding more information on a regular basis so that it can serve as a complete resource on modified cars, custom cars and car modification. We hope that you find this Web site and its car modification guides informative and useful for building your own cool custom car, performance tuning your own car, and getting the best performance out of your car. All the information presented here has been thoroughly researched by our contributors. In our quest to provide the best source of information on car tuning and car modification, human error is always a possibility. Therefore, you should always consult your motor mechanic about your specific car before performing any car modifications to it, and always take the necessary safety precautions before tuning cars and engines! Should you find any errors on our Web site, please inform our webmaster so that we can correct them as soon as possible. You should also note that some car customizations, such as increasing your car's ride height, can adversely affect car performance and safety, while other car modifications may be illegal in your area. You should always ensure that your car customizations are legal

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